Physicians providing care for individuals with dementia are also providing care for the family members and other caregivers.  The Clinical Roundtable has created a number of tools for physicians to provide to caregivers.

To assure a more effective and efficient provider visit, front office staff can send the Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit document to the family member at the time of scheduling an appointment.  This will assist the caregiver to provide information over time, rather than having to recall issues at the appointment.

The Clinical Roundtable, in conjunction with the County of San Diego Aging and Independence Services, compiled a listing of Resources for Caregivers.  This handout can be printed (print version here) and given at the appointment.

A new document, Caregiver Tips & Strategies especially during COVID is available in English and Spanish.

Another helpful tool is the Communications Tips for Caregivers, as communications at home can be the most critical issue.  This handout can support teaching provided by providers.

For more information on many of the local organizations providing caregiver resources, your office can connect with these links: