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Our Goal

Access to Care for All

Community Partners

We would not be able to carry out our mission without the participation of our many supporters and community healthcare partners, including individual physicians, hospitals and surgical centers, and ancillary health providers. By leveraging partner volunteer efforts, we are able to provide comprehensive, quality health services to those in need. We were honored in 2018 to be named a Live Well partner by the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency, awarded the Public Health Champion Award in 2014 for extraordinary achievements in public health services, and again in 2018 received the Director’s Award.

We would like to thank our dedicated partners for their continued support:


We are extremely grateful to our physicians, community partners and individual supporters dedicated to helping serve the community. Without your financial support we would not be able to help the hundreds of community members looking to Champions For Health to improve their health and change their lives. Please consider making a donation to Champions for Health to support these efforts.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their continued support:

    • Octavio Aguirre
    • Daniel “Stony” Anderson, MD
    • Bill Buchanan
    • Wendi Buchi
    • Mary Calahan
    • Richard Carroll
    • Stuart Cohen, MD
    • Bill Davis
    • Robert DeSimone
    • Paul Drolson
    • Sandra Freiwald, MD
    • Keerti Gurushanthaih, MD
    • Chris Hajnik

    • Nancy Harrison
    • James T. Hay, MD
    • Paul Hegyz
    • Dan Hom
    • Joseph Marshall-Johnson, Esq.
    • Rosemarie Marshall Johnson, MD
    • Dawn Long
    • Lois Mastrocola
    • Jack Meyer
    • David Mier
    • Eddie Mitchell
    • Ron Mitchell
    • John Mutch

    • John Nacol
    • Vimal Nanavati, MD
    • Ralph Ocampo
    • Liliana Oserro
    • Alexe Page, MD
    • Dennis Pettigrew
    • Carl Pinkard
    • John Pironti
    • Steven Poceta, MD
    • Sonny Rai
    • Al Ray, MD
    • Mary Robberson,Esq
    • Jeff Sachs

    • Kosala Samarasinghe, MD
    • James Schultz, MD
    • Kurt Schulzman
    • Clay Stanley, MD
    • Meg Sterer
    • Patrick and Carol Tellez
    • Robert Wailes, MD
    • Renee Wailes
    • Simon Wong
    • Carol Young, MD

    • Kim Bui, MD
    • Seth Camhi, MD
    • Imad Dandan, MD
    • Jane Finley
    • Tim Fischer
    • Sergio Flores
    • Jeff and Jennifer Lyle
    • Dr. William and Gwen Pogue

    • Johnna Randazzo
    • Mary Robberson
    • Thomas Savides, MD
    • Justin Tipp
    • Alizabeth Truong, MD
    • Jeffrey Willmann
    • Nicholas Yphantides, MD

    • Lase Ajayi, MD
    • Deirdre Alpert
    • Nan Aposhian
    • Rabbi Melanie Aron
    • Eric Ayaso
    • David Bazzo, MD
    • Clyde Beck, MD
    • Judith Bernstein
    • Arthur Blain, MD
    • Susan Boiko, MD
    • Jessica Bradford
    • Jessica Brower
    • Elizabeth Brave
    • Philip Butler
    • Dori Cage, MD
    • Mary Calahan
    • Mary Carreido-Ceniceros, MD
    • Jeffrey Chao, MD
    • Edwin Chen, MD

    • Drs. Charley and Christanne Coffey
    • Michael Couris, MD
    • Ruth Covell, MD
    • Michelle Crosby, MD
    • Elida Cuatle
    • Karen Cummings
    • Scott Currey, MD
    • Don Dennis
    • Wilda Duncan
    • Joel Everson, MD
    • Laden Farhoomand, MD
    • Jane Finley
    • Bryan Fischer
    • Gustavo Friederichsen
    • Valerie Gafori, MD
    • Martin Gannon
    • David Israel, MD
    • Arsenio Jimenez, Jr., MD
    • Mark Yarwood Johnson, MD

    • Dr. Steven and Ann Kavy
    • John Lane, MD
    • Kirstin Lee, MD
    • Jane Lyons
    • Veronica Ma
    • Peter Mabrey
    • Theodore Mazer, MD
    • Steven Merrick
    • Heidi Meyer, MD
    • Teresa Misenhelter
    • Alexander Quick, MD
    • Remia Paduga, MD
    • Rakesh Patel, MD
    • Lora Rancourt
    • Brian Rebolledo, MD
    • Beth Reed Pokreifka
    • Alejandra Postlewaithe, MD
    • Katherine Richman
    • David Roberts

    • Anthony Sacks, MD
    • William Samuel, MD
    • Nancy Sasaki, MD
    • Robert Scheinberg, MD
    • Brian Schorzman, MD
    • Phillip Sheffey, MD
    • Nancy Shiau, MD
    • Cristina Shoukry
    • Karl Steinberg, MD
    • Dean Tasher
    • Dr. and Mrs. Sayone Thihalolipavan
    • Josephine Von Herzen
    • Glenn Wagner, MD
    • Kim Washkowiak
    • Rob Webber
    • Marcella Wilson, MD
    • Holly Yang, MD
    • John and Kathy Zack

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    Champions for Health


    Join volunteer specialty care physicians and other healthcare providers in leading the efforts towards changing lives.


    Access to care for all is our mission, it shouldn’t be a dream that is out of reach. Our physician volunteers and partners, who support Champions for Health, transform the lives of patients from pain and dire medical diagnoses to health, renewed family involvement, and productive work and community life.