We are extremely grateful to our physicians, community partners and individual supporters dedicated to helping serve the community.  Without your financial support we would not be able to help the hundreds of community members looking to SDCMS Foundation to improve their health and change their lives.

Please consider making a donation to Champions for Health to support these efforts.  Our Health Champions Council is a special group of concerned and generous individuals, making an annual contribution, who help us to respond to growing needs in the community, and in turn, receive distinctive membership benefits.

In-kind support from physicians, community members, corporations, businesses and local, regional and national organizations allow us to leverage cash contributions for a strong infrastructure, capable staff and the power to change lives.

We would like to thank the following for their support during Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016*:

Health Champions Council Members

Gold Donors ($1,000 and above)

  • Lester Antman
  • Ann Beard
  • Rocky Chavez
  • Stuart Cohen, MD
  • Robert DeSimone
  • James Hay, MD
  • Rosemarie Marshall Johnson, MD
  • Georgine Jorgensen, MD
  • Marjory Kaplan
  • Scott Leggett
  • Anthony Magit, MD
  • Ron Mitchell
  • Mihir Parikh, MD
  • Gregory Petree
  • Al Ray, MD
  • Mary Robberson,Esq
  • Renee Schatz, DDS
  • James Schultz
  • Clarence and Nancy Shelmon
  • William Tseng
  • Robert Wailes, MD
  • Simon Wong
  • Carol Young, MD

Silver Level ($500 – $1,000)

  • Dede Alpert
  • Clyde Beck, MD
  • Wendy Buchi, MD
  • Imad Dandan, MD
  • Kristopher Downing, MD
  • Mike Goldman
  • J. Todd and Allison Hay
  • Arthur and Lydia Jones
  • John and Joanne Leslie
  • Michael Lobatz, MD
  • Barbara Mandel
  • Vimal Nanavati, MD
  • Ralph Ocampo, MD
  • Marty and Jen Ohmstede
  • Alexandra Page, MD
  • James Quigley, DO
  • Kosala Samarsinghe, MD
  • Patrick Tellez, MD
  • Jeffrey Willmann
  • Holly Yang, MD

Individual Contributors

Bronze Donors ($100- $499)

  • Kitty Bailey
  • Luz Maria Barreto
  • Judith Bernstien
  • Sherry L. Braheny, MD
  • Arlyne Brown
  • Jane Bugea, MD
  • Dori Cage, MD
  • Jennifer Carter
  • Lisa Cohen, MD
  • Ruth Covell, MD
  • Eugene & Mary Cunningham
  • Imad Dandan, MD
  • Mitch Dubick
  • Miriam Feldman
  • Sergio Flores, MD
  • Roxana Fox
  • William Friedel, MD
  • Martin Fuentes
  • Preston Gable, MD
  • Matthew Gleason, MD
  • Ali Hamzei, MD
  • Joel Heiser, MD
  • Ralph Heising, MD
  • Gerald Joyce, MD
  • Kristen Lee
  • Ira Levine, MD
  • Sonali Master, MD
  • Samuel Medigovich
  • Carlos Medina
  • Patricia Mendez
  • Sonia Mendez
  • Heidi Meyer, MD
  • Teresa Mogielnicki, MD
  • Jose Morales
  • Michael Morrison
  • Walter Olsen, MD
  • Remia Paduga, MD
  • William & Gwen Pogue
  • Paul and Kathy Roberts
  • Mark Sadoff, MD
  • Dora Saforo, MD
  • Shelley Sager
  • Ernest Shaw, MD
  • Phillips Sheffey, MD
  • Brian Stone, MD
  • Raymond Summers, MD
  • Joanna Trautmann
  • Elmer Werner, MD
  • Perri Wittgrove, MD
  • John Zack, MD

Foundations & Corporations

Event Sponsors

We are grateful for the support of these corporate sponsors of our recent events.


neil dymott



Wealth Advisors

Charity Golf International    CAP 





smart and final










  • Barney & Barney
  • BodyFly Fitness
  • Carroll Kelly Trotter Franzen McKenna & Peabody
  • County of San Diego Foster and Adoptive Services
  • Pettigrew Surgical Associates
  • Plus1 Water
  • San Diego Psychiatric Society
  • Zoot Sports


Champions for Health has achieved a high 223% return on community investment: For each dollar in cash contributions, we have returned $2.23 to the community in medical services at no charge to the patient. Read more about our powerful impact on the community.

*Please note this list represents donations received during the fiscal year 2015 October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015 and fiscal year 2016 through January 19, 2016.

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