Founded in 2004 by the leadership of the San Diego County Medical Society, our efforts have provided a caring and efficient resource for patients in-need, created a network of physician volunteers, reduced costs and stress on healthcare infrastructures, and established a healthier community and workforce through quality preventive care.

sdcmsf-impactCreating a Healthier Community through Prevention

Seventy percent of an individual’s health is determined by their lifestyle. Healthy behaviors translate into healthier people and lessen the need for chronic or specialty care. We work with primary care providers and specialty care physicians to enhance the health literacy and overall wellness of community residents by addressing preventable diseases.

Our efforts include increasing the influenza vaccination rate, the number of adults over age 50 being screened for colorectal cancer, and the rates of breast and cervical cancer screening for those without a medical home. Our latest initiative focuses on addressing the three behaviors— poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking-—that contribute to four diseases (heart disease/stroke, cancer, diabetes, and respiratory conditions) that are attributed to more than 50% of the deaths in San Diego County.

Access to Care for All

By improving access to healthcare services, our community residents can address their healthcare issues in a more timely manner, before the issue becomes an emergency. Project Access San Diego, our flagship program created in 2008, has had a remarkable impact on our community:

  •  Achieving better health:  Six months after receiving care, patients report their health condition as improved from Fair to Good.
  • Getting back to work:  Improved health conditions enable patients to return to work and supporting their families. Patients report a 75% reduction in the number of workdays missed after receiving care through Project Access.  Getting back to their day-to-day also improves each individuals’ well-being.
  • Reducing Emergency Room usage and hospital stays:  In the six months after receiving care, patients report an 80% reduction in ER usage and a 88% reduction in overnight hospital stays.
  • Reducing community health center visits:  Patients report a 63% reduction in clinic usage after regular, preventive care.

For every $1 spent on program expenses, Project Access partners provide $2.23 in healthcare services at no charge to the patient– for a total return on investment of 223%!