This is the joyful time of year when we find ourselves searching for perfect gifts and giving thanks for the health and well being of our loved ones. #GivingTuesday is about celebrating this season of gratitude by giving back to those less fortunate in our community. You can donate to our Giving Tuesday Campaign here.

 People like Mayra, who is just one of the thousands of San Diegans unable to afford the medical care they need to be healthy, to work and to take care of their families.

Mayra started having horrible pain from an ovarian cyst a couple years ago, the pain of which would be excruciating enough to warrant an ER visit – the only option she had as an uninsured resident. It has affected her work and her ability to play a proactive role in her sons’ lives. She has been suffering for years, hoping for a miracle. Dr. Janco and the talented medical professionals at Scripps Mercy Hospital generously dedicated their time and valuable resources to help Mayra. By removing her ovary, Mayra’s pain has ceased and can continue to thrive. She considers Project Access and Dr. Janco to be her “angels sent from God” to heal her so she may be the best mother as possible to her two sons. Mayra and her family are extremely grateful to Dr. Janco and Scripps Mercy Hospital, and even wrote a touching letter:

” I can not find the words to express our gratitude towards you. Our familia is whole again thanks to your generosity…. Your whole team when above and beyond making our mother feel valued and protected. My mother has a chance to recover her life and you made that possible…. You have impacted our lives far more than you can imagine, we will always live with gratitude for you in our hearts.” – Mayra and Family